Suck It And See

i have thought about my agenda for working and have settled upon this – my work needs to have a function or effect  – to clarify the function or effect need not always be its central role but still has to be present .

since the last post i have been to the metal workshop where i was intrigued by rolling metal until the point it started to flake apart . building on my glass blown bottle train of thought from last post i attempted to use soldering and twisting to create a cylinder that could become the neck of a bottle. during the soldering i found that when copper is quenched but not added to the pickle bath it left an interesting array of colours because of the coppers reaction with the solder . instead of buying new materials for these tests i chose to use pieces from the scrap bin , I found this process interesting in itself – odd shapes and cut marks that became part of the process while constructing tests , it posed an intuiting challenge .



in the ceramic workshop had the chance to experiment with a range different clays and was surprised by how different ones react under the same manipulation . carrying over the bottle theme I used a of wooden dole and built the clay around it to make a cylinder that could be the neck of a bottle

I had a strike of inspiration and used the laser cutter to create two bottles , one from vertical slices and one from horizontal slices to mimic the blown glass bottles this became the basis for my next set of ideas that were recreating the blown glass bottle shape of a long neck and rounded body in all the workshops I had been to .


I did research into glass bottles and jars attempting to identify the key elements that are important for a bottle or jar . the first question was why is glass used for these objects and not another material ?, the answer seemed fairly obvious – glass is used because of its transparency allowing a person to see the contents . this put an interesting twist to my plans because it meant to be an effective bottle glass needed to be involved to let the contents be shown . the second question was how important is a label ? this was a little harder to answer – in the commercial market the label is everything , eye-catching , informative and even instructive – on a personal level a label is less important ( if its even needed at all ) because the user will know the contents . i settled on the latte option as all these bottles would be one offs .





I have enjoyed this project as it has allowed me to get familiar with all the workshops and helped me feel more relaxed in the working environment. over the past week I have noticed a measurable improvement in my skills that i hope to keep building on in the future .




The cylinder effect

the digital workshop last week showed me the potential of using computers for aiding work. the level of precision possible is incredible and would help my work as my measuring ability needs improvement .

during the workshop I created a spiral laser cut section in a test piece of 3 mm MDF  . while other people were looking at the sample they were always drawn to the spiral section. Noticing this I plan to test out a range of spirals and see if I can find it a useful application for it

the progress review helped to identify points that need improvement in my work . the most important was the need to bring my own agenda to the project . over the next couple of weeks i will focus on what thinking about what my real agenda for making is so by the next blog posting my agenda will be clear .


wood workshop this week with Joe Hartley was insightful as I am not familiar with wood as a material  . I practised riveting and got the hang of it after blocking the machine numerous times . I used the riveting technique to create a long cuboid using 48 rivets . realising this was a large amount of materials and time going into one test peace I cut it into two matching cubes that could now be experimented on in different ways .it worked really well to start with a basic form and change it in different ways . Perhaps in the future it would be good practice to produce multiple forms then experiment on each one individually ?

wood workshop 3  wood workshop 5 wood workshop 4wood workshop 6wood workshop 7

played around with tension seeing if it was possible to attach two object without invasive gluing or cutting . After much experimentation I eventually created this  object that is more of a curio that people assign their own function to . it’s quite interesting to see people pick it up and figure out their own use for it .this whole session enlightened my view of wood as a material . potential for a line of investigation making object with a deliberately ambiguous use so the user decides

 wood workshop20 wood workshop19 wood workshop18 wood workshop17 wood workshop16 wood workshop15 wood workshop14 wood workshop13 wood workshop12 wood workshop11 wood workshop 10 wood workshop 9 wood workshop 8

I have become really charmed by a small blown glass bottle I made in the glass workshop . using  the advice given in the tutorial session , I have done extensive research into long necked glass bottles and contemporary glass makers . I intend to explore the possibilities of creating small bottles in all the workshops I have been to and all the ones to come .